The Value of a Material Handling Partner

The Value of a Material Handling Partner


No matter your industry, the value of a material handling partner cannot be overstated. Whether you’re contemplating narrowing your aisles, going vertical, or simply choosing a new forklift. The decisions you make affect your productivity and efficiency.  Having a material handling partner can make a big difference.

An integrated material handling partner will ensure you have a properly engineered solution that operates efficiently and effectively to maximize your materials handling operation.

If you aren’t sure that your current supplier is the ideal partner for you, take a look at these questions.


1. What is their experience?

Ask for specific case studies where your supplier looked at an entire operation and recommended changes that resulted in adaptation and saved the client time and money. If they can’t come up with one good solid case study that you can confirm through reference, then they are probably not a truly integrated partner option for you.


2. Do they have specialized departments for materials handling engineering?

In order to truly specialize in materials handling, you must have on-site engineers using CAD that have experience, understand material handling, and can make recommendations that streamline your operation.


3. Listen to your suppliers.

If they’re talking about their lines’ “latest and greatest” features, they’re not interested in providing you with options. An integrated materials handling professional will be listening to you, not talking products. Partners want to find out HOW you do it now, WHAT your plans are for the future, WHEN you want to implement them and WHERE. Anything else and they’re serving their own company’s best interest.


4. When was their last full install?

Ask them when was the last time they installed a complete system for a client including racking, conveyors, lift trucks and the like.


5. Ask to visit a site.

If you think you have found a partner, ask to visit one of their installed sites and talk to their client. Seeing their recommendation in action and getting word straight from the source can cut clean through any sales lingo.

Asking these questions and listening to the answers will help you determine if your current
vendor or list of vendors can be narrowed to one truly integrated partner. Having a partner you can trust to stay on top of your materials handling needs provides you with options at all times to keep you optimized.