Battery in Electric Forklift

7 Advantages of Switching to Electric Forklifts


Electric forklift sales are steadily increasing in the material handling industry. Though moving away from the traditional LPG and diesel powered forklift is a major decision, electrics are associated with many advantages. Consider the following seven advantages when deciding if going electric is right for you.


Noise Pollution

Electric forklifts are much quieter than their LPG or diesel counterparts. For indoor applications this is a benefit to operators, pedestrians, and owners. Less unnecessary noise leads to a safer work environment as warning horns and back-up beeping can be heard more clearly. A safer work environment reduces the risk of accidents and therefore company liabilities.


Environmentally Friendly

Electric forklifts produce zero emissions. Not only is this good for the environment but it’s also a bonus for employees in the vicinity. The biggest difference will be seen indoors since emissions from LPG and diesel forklifts tend to get trapped without proper ventilation. For companies using fans to circulate air in their buildings, cost savings are a bonus.



Electric powered lift trucks are generally more compact than the LPG or diesel powered equivalent. The battery acts partially as a counterweight which saves space. This is a positive especially when your application involves narrow aisles or tight spaces.


High Visibility

Without a rear mounted LPG tank, electric models have higher visibility for backward-facing driving. Yet another attribute that increases safety in the workplace.


Ease of Use

Electric forklifts do not include a clutch. For many operators this makes the forklift much easier to handle and minimizes fatigue.


Longer Life

Due to fewer moving parts, generally electric lift trucks experience a longer lifecycle. However, fewer moving parts doesn’t just increase the usable life of the lift truck. It also means that maintenance costs are reduced.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

Since electric forklifts have no engine or transmission, there is a built-in cost savings associated with switching from LPG or diesel forklifts. As an added bonus, the intervals between scheduled maintenance periods are usually longer which means your equipment will experience less downtime over its usable life. Additionally, items that you don’t need to worry about replacing or maintaining include:

  • radiator fluid
  • transmission fluid
  • engine oil
  • filters
  • coolants
  • lubricants
  • fuel storage facilities

The absence of a clutch also reduces wear on the brakes, meaning they don’t need to be replaced as often.

With so many advantages to electric it’s clear to see why these models are increasing in popularity for the material handling industry. When considering switching, as long as your application fits the abilities and the strengths of the forklift, electric can be extremely beneficial to your company.

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