JLG LiftPod FT Series

13 ft - 19 ft Working Height /

JLG LiftPod FT140 personal portable lift

Your new standard for safety and productivity. The JLG LiftPod FT Series. Keep your workers safer while increasing job efficiency throughout your facility. These personal portable lifts are easily rolled through standard doorways and designed for one-person operation.

Available in two models, with working heights over 19-feet. The JLG LiftPod FT Series can be assembled and disassembled in minutes. Both models are easy to maneuver and feature a convenient tool tray.

Powered by 18V cordless drill (not included) or optional power pack kit that includes 40V lithium ion battery with power gauge display, platform control console, charger, and carrying bag.

Not available for rent. View our rental aerial lifts.

Quick Specs

JLG LiftPod FT70

  • Lift Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Working Height: 13 ft
  • Platform Height: 7 ft
  • Stowed Height: 5 ft 5 in
  • Machine Weight: 208 lbs

JLG LiftPod FT140

  • Lift Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Working Height: 19 ft 6 in
  • Platform Height: 13 ft 6 in
  • Stowed Height: 6 ft 7 in
  • Machine Weight: 326 lbs
  • Telescoping mast provides clearance when needed and can be easily stowed.
  • 40V lithium ion power pack provides more duty cycles.
  • Specially designed tool tray keeps everything within reach.
  • Lightweight enough to be transported on pickup trucks and taken virtually anywhere.
  • Non-marking caster wheels on rear optimize mobility in tight spaces and won’t scuff floor surfaces.

Standard Features:

  • Telescopic mast
  • Tool tray
  • Non-marking caster wheels
  • 360-degree range of motion

Optional Features:

  • 40V lithium ion power pack (standard on FT140)
  • Power gauge display
  • Platform control console
  • Charger
  • Carrying bag


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