Brick-Block-Pipe Industry

Brick, Block & Pipe Industry

Challenges in Brick, Block & Pipe Facilities

One of the most demanding applications in terms of material handling equipment is brick, block and pipe manufacturing. Almost everything, from the load to the environment, presents a challenge. Forklifts for brick, block, or pipe manufacturing facilities, are depended on to be heavy-duty, heavy lifting machines.

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Load Variety

Your brick, block and pipe loads come in all shapes and sizes which means you need versatile options.

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Uneven outdoor surfaces make your unweildy loads even more precarious. 

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Busy facilities don't have to be unsafe facilities, but it takes work and a higher standard of safety.

Forklifts for Block Manufacturing

The right equipment for the job can make all the difference. Combat the challenges facing your facility with these popular products for brick, block and pipe applications.

Core IC Pneumatic Forklift
Toyota Core IC Pneumatic Forklift
Mid IC Pneumatic Forklift
Toyota Mid IC Pneumatic Forklift
High-Capacity IC Pneumatic THD
Toyota High Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift

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