Forklift Operator Video Training

Does Watching a Video Count as Forklift Operator Training?


Forklift operator training can be tricky at times. Let's look at two questions we get frequently on what OSHA says about forklift operator training.


Can my forklift operator training consist only of formal instruction such as watching a video?

No, OSHA requires a combination of formal instruction and practical training. Although formal training is invaluable for teaching the principles of vehicle operation, it is the hands-on training and evaluation of vehicle operation that finally proves the adequacy of the training and the ability of the employee to use that training successfully.


Can tool box meetings or informal discussions be considered formal instruction?

Yes, tool box meetings or informal discussions can be considered formal instruction when the principles of safe powered industrial truck operation are covered by the designated trainer.

Basically, the three main components of OSHA compliant forklift operator safety training are:

  • formal instruction
  • practical training
  • and evaluation of the operator's performance in the workplace

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