6,000 lb. - 8,000 lb. Capacity

From one end of the warehouse to the other, it delivers. Maneuvering loads easily, making long runs efficiently. The Toyota End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack also handles multiple stops comfortably. The key? Locating the operator platform at the end of the pallet jack, for easier entry and exit – a benefit that helps the End-Controlled Rider excel as a low-level order picker, too. Good, delivered. Productivity, boosted.

The cushioned stability handrail on Toyota’s rider pallet jack offers convenient control during high-speed travel. While the low step height eases frequent entry and exit during floor-level order picking for reduced operator fatigue.  Electronic Coast Control and Cold Conditioning Package options are available with this riding pallet jack.

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6,000 - 8,000 lb

Lift Capacity

24 V


65.8 - 105.8 In

Turning Radius

1,190 - 1,440 lb

Machine Weight

6.2 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • Multi-function control handle with ergonomically positioned handgrips; dual thumbwheels; and lift, lower and horn buttons for simplified operation of all controls with either hand
  • High-speed interlock to maintain top travel speed for long-distance transport without continuously pressing a button
  • Solid steel pull rods add strength throughout the entire length of forks, and are much less likely to bend or flex than push rods, resulting in less maintenance
  • Dual lift cylinders provide efficient hydraulic power for smooth, effortless lifting to reduce component wear
  • Self-diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and eliminate the need for an external hand-held analyzer
  • Glance and go display provides a quick summary of key information
  • Cushioned stability handrail offers convenient control during high-speed travel
  • Electronic coast control option augments productivity by eliminating the need for operator to climb on and off during floor-level order picking
  • Low step height eases frequent entry and exit during floor-level order picking for reduced operator fatigue
  • Cold conditioning package option includes cold storage-specific oil, greaseable steer bearing and linkage bushings, and stainless steel linkage pins for use in cold storage environments
  • Multifunction control handle with ergonomically angled handgrips & wrap-around hand guard
  • Soft-cushioned rider platform
  • Low platform step height
  • Dual thumbwheels with twist grips for directional control & travel speed
  • Intuitively positioned lift/lower buttons
  • Curvilinear handrail with push buttons for lift, lower, horn & high-speed functions
  • Low-effort control handle
  • High-speed interlock button
  • AC drive motor with thermal protection & current limiting
  • 24-Volt electrical system
  • 6” lift
  • Fault code memory with hour meter reading
  • Regenerative braking
  • Programmable performance
  • Adjustable maximum speed
  • Adjustable acceleration
  • On/off key switch
  • Lift limit switch
  • Multiple hour meter indicator
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt
  • Fused control & power circuits
  • Hydraulic overload protection valve
  • Dual 1.25”-diameter lift cylinders
  • Drive-thru freezer curtain feature
  • Polyurethane torsion block stabilizing casters
  • Heavy-duty spring-loaded stabilizing casters
  • Control Area Network (CAN-bus) communications
  • Welded construction with reinforced heavy-duty bumper
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Box rail fork construction
  • Steel gussets reinforced rider platform
  • Steel bulkhead wrappers
  • Forged rectangular steel torsion rods
  • Heavy-duty bushings & pins
  • Solid trail fork casting
  • Tapered fork tips with pallet entry slides
  • Four-point lift linkage
  • High-strength polymer service cover
  • Rubber drive tire
  • Hall-effect switches
Ease of Service
  • AC drive motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • One-piece, lightweight service access cover
  • Error indicator with self-diagnostics
  • Self-adjusting electric disc brake
  • Teflon®-coated Polylube™ lift linkage bushing (maintenance free)
  • Stability handrail with lift, lower, horn & high-speed functions
  • Wrap-around hand guard
  • Spring loaded control handle
  • Runaway protection
  • Electronic horn
  • Directional reverse switch on control handle
Exterior Design
  • 31.5”-long x 13.44”-wide battery compartment
  • SB-175 battery compartment

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