Toyota Electric Motor Forklifts

Warehouses. Factories. Vineyards. Loading Docks. Whatever the application, Toyota has the right electric motor lift truck for the job.

With a full-line of available electric forklift models, including a choice of cushion or pneumatic tires, each delivers the legendary quality and engineering that only the industry’s #1 forklift manufacturer can provide.

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First off, quality. Toyota lift trucks ranked #1 for the 10th consecutive year for quality, value, and lowest cost of ownership.* Plus, Toyota has been the top selling brand of forklift in the U.S. since 2002.

Second, Toyota thrives on innovation. That results in equipment that’s safer, more productive, and environmentally sensitive. The patented “System of Active Stability” makes Toyota lift trucks the safest lift trucks in the world.

Third, with the new 8-Series, Toyota has improved on the best. Narrow aisle, counter balanced, electric, diesel, pneumatic, cushion. You name it, Toyota makes it. Find the all-new 8-Series at Conger.

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*Peerless Research Group study