8,000 lb. - 12,000 lb. Capacity

You’ll make more noise about its performance than it will. The Toyota Large Electric Forklift gets the job done, quietly and reliably. With the strength to lift up to 12000 pounds. Rugged durability to stand the test of time. And a dependable, zero-emission AC drive to power you through a long shift of heavy-duty warehouse jobs. Including sensitive food and beverage applications. The Large Electric. Speaks softly, carries a big lift.

Equally important, the operator compartment is also designed to keep the human at the center of all this activity comfortable and alert, even over a long shift. With a comfortable seat. Low, wide entry and exit steps. And a heavy-duty non-slip floor mat to minimize noise, heat and vibration. We call it ergonomics. You’ll call it getting more done, more efficiently.

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8,000 - 12,000 lb

Lift Capacity

36/48 V


84.3 - 96.1 In

Turning Radius

10,450 - 15,010 lb

Machine Weight

10.9 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • System of Active Stability (SAS) unique to Toyota forklifts, helps prevent tip-overs
  • Active Mast Control (AMC) responds automatically to enhance stability of loads handled at high lift heights
  • Forward tilt angle control and rear tilt speed control act automatically in uncertain situations to protect operator, and reduce product and forklift damage
  • Automatic fork leveling positions forks horizontally with the push of a button for easier load handling
  • Programmable performance parameters are customizable via digital display to fit a variety of job applications and operator skill levels
  • Hydraulic controls are located on cowl for maximum operator comfort and easy right-side entry and exit
  • Welded, roll-formed overhead guard pillars provide maximum operator protection with excellent entry/exit and load visibility
  • Planetary drive axle decreases torsional stresses common to powershifting for greater reliability and durability, and increase uptime
  • Strategically configured instrument display
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Dual operator assist grips
  • SAS automatic fork-leveling control
  • Electric directional shift control
  • Memory-tilt steering column
  • Two-spoke steering wheel
  • Cowl-mounted hydraulic controls
  • Heavy-duty non-slip floor mat
  • Dash-integrated pen/pencil holder
  • Hood-integrated clipboard
  • Dash-mounted cup holder
  • AC drive system (MOSFET Transistor)
  • UL-approved model type “E”
  • Three forms of energy regeneration
    • Coast control
    • Plug braking
    • Foot braking
  • Load handling chopper
  • Digital multifunction display
    • Time & date
    • Speedometer
    • Multifunction hour meter
    • Batter capacity indicator
    • Parking brake indicator
    • Overdischarge warning light (lift interrupt)
    • Swing lock cylinder indicator
    • Built-in analyzer
    • Self-diagnostics
    • Power select functions (S.P.H.)
    • 3-way hydraulic control valve
    • Auto shut-off (after 15 minutes)
    • Travel power control (acceleration)
Ease of Service
  • AC drive motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • Easy-access hydraulic motor
  • Bolt-on overhead guard
  • Easy-access no tools required floorboard
  • Battery compartment hood assist dampers
  • Planned maintenance indicator
  • Easy-access controller
  • System of Active Stability™ (SAS)
    • Active control rear stabilizer
    • Active mast function controller
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • Key lowering interlock
  • Double-action parking brake
  • Asbestos-free brakes
  • Electric horn
  • Manual return to neutral
Exterior Design
  • Wide-view 2 stage mast (V)
  • Punched plate entry/exit step
  • 48” load backrest extension
    • With angled tie bar
  • 54” load backrest extension
    • With angled tie bar
  • Tapered forks
  • Cushion tires (treaded)
  • Wide-view carriage bars
  • Drawbar pin
  • Tie-down hooks
  • Adjustable front headlights
  • ORS vinyl non-suspension seat
  • Retractable seatbelt
  • 85° wide-opening battery hood
  • Overhead guard
  • SB 350 battery connector (gray)
  • 39.2” battery compartment (8,000-10,000 lbs)
  • 45.7” battery compartment (12,000 lbs)

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