Cascade Carton Clamps

1,750 - 4,850 lbs Capacity /

Carton Clamps Available for Sale in Wisconsin

Whether you’re handling consumer paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, wine packaged foods (canned or boxed), chemicals or plastics, Cascade carton clamps offer a solution. They’re durable enough for the toughest conditions, versatile and easy to service.

Each Cascade carton clamp is designed to do a particular job, and do it well. For improved reliability, reduced product damage, reduced maintenance and ease of operation, think Cascade. The J-Series offers several models to fit your needs no matter your industry.

You’ll find a variety of models and options that offer precise handling and secure loads for your specific needs.

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Quick Specs

Carton Clamps

White Goods Clamps

  • Lift Capacity: 1,750 lbs – 3,475 lbs
  • Spec Sheet

Double Wide Carton Clamps

Tipping Clamps

Razor Back Clamps

  • Lift Capacity: 1,950 lbs – 2,000 lbs
  • Spec Sheet
  • Reversible rubber faced aluminum contact pad
  • Durable seals
  • UHMW full-length bearings
  • True centering key
  • Clamp, sideshift & open relief valve
  • Custom opening ranges and frame widths
  • Custom arm lengths, heights and pad surfaces. Application specific contact pads (sizes and surfaces)
  • Frame bumper for extra protection when handling loose loads
  • Various ISO mounting options including class III and quick-disconnect features
  • Independent arm control
  • Regenerative valve for increased arm speed on low flow electric forklifts
  • External sideshift available
  • Alternate valve configurations for left hand or right hand third and fourth hydraulic installation
  • Application-specific customization

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