8,000 lb. - 12,000 lb. Capacity

A high lift capacity forklift that can comfortably squeeze into rail cars and other tight spaces? It’s a major small miracle. One made possible by a vertically extended counterweight that frees the Toyota Box Car Special forklift to work in confined areas without sacrificing lifting power. It’s a design that opens up new opportunities in racking, space planning and shipping. So you can think big and small, at the same time. All thanks to the Toyota box car forklift.

Look forward to improved ergonomics including dash-mounted instrument display, load-sensing power steering, 11.8 inch steering wheel, dash-integrated amenity tray and over-sized cup holder.

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8,000 - 12,000 lb

Lift Capacity

84 - 89 HP


82 - 93.5 In

Turning Radius

12,810 - 16,320 lb

Machine Weight

11.8 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • Engine protection system automatically reduces output if coolant temperature rises to potentially damaging levels
  • Fully sealed air intake mounted up high to limit low-lying dust and debris entering engine
  • Independent brake and inching control pedals for excellent stopping power and precise positioning
  • Rear assist grip with horn option makes reverse travel more comfortable and keeps operator’s hands safely within compartment
  • Active Mast Control (AMC) responds automatically to enhance stability of loads handled at high lift heights
  • Vertically extended counterweight for superior tight space navigability
  • Mast height under 90 inches for clearance to work in rail cars
  • Dash-mounted instrument display
  • 11.8”-diameter, 2-spoke steering wheel
  • Load-sensing power steering
  • Cowl-mounted hydraulic control levers with rubber boot covers
  • 12”-long dual operator assist grips
  • Heavy-duty non-slip rubber floor mat
  • Low, wide entry steps
  • Vinyl 4-way adjustable full-suspension seat
  • Dash-integrated amenity tray & oversized cup holder
  • Non-cinching seatbelt
  • EPA/CARB-certified engine
  • Toyota 3.7 liter, 4-cylinder, OHV gasoline engine (1FS)
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Distributorless ignition system
  • Automatic clamp leveling
  • UL-approved model type “LP”
  • Full-floating powertrain
  • Limited free-lift 2-stage mast (V)
  • Hydraulic valve lifters
  • Integrated monitoring system – includes:
    • Digital hour meter display
    • Engine coolant temperature gauge
    • Check engine light
    • Engine oil pressure warning light
    • Battery charge warning light
    • OPSS activation light
    • SAS/OPSS warning light
  • Adjustable headlights with guards
  • Double action parking brake (hand)
  • Alternator with built-in regulator (60A)
  • Automatic transmission with oil cooler
  • Load-sensing power steering
  • Integrated headlight & turn signal lever
  • Electric shift control
  • Speed control
  • Engine protection system
Ease of Service
  • Easy access to no tools required floorboard
  • Engine hood assist damper with lock device
  • Air cleaner discharge valve
  • Dash-mounted brake fluid level check
  • Easy-lift engine hood with wide 75° opening
  • Easy access to common service items such as filters & dipsticks
  • System of Active Stability™ (SAS)
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • Bolt-on overhead guard
  • Key lowering interlock
  • Electric horn
  • Neutral start safety switch
  • Conventional headlights
  • Orange forks
  • Control Area Network (CAN-bus) communication
  • Fully stamped steel side panels
  • Full-floating front axle
  • Moisture-resistant electric connectors
  • High cooling capacity radiator
  • Low-maintenance battery
  • Large-capacity engine cooling fan
  • 8” cyclone air cleaner
  • Plate-iron front fenders
  • Anti-restart ignition key switch
  • Stamped steel engine hood
  • Radiator screen
  • External hydraulic oil cooler

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