15,000 lb. - 19,800 lb. Capacity

Whatever needs to be loaded, unloaded in ports, terminals or rail yards, Toyota has the heavy-duty machine for the job. The Toyota Empty Container Handler is engineered to provide fast lifting cycles, high stacking and reduced freight costs.

That’s not all you can expect though. The Toyota Empty Container Handler boasts a unique mast design that provides improved durability and reduced torsional stress. In the end, this container handler offers powerful performance, exceptional stability for high-stacking tasks, and excellent all-around visibility. All those advantages are really stacking up.

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15,000 - 19,800 lb

Lift Capacity

Up to 8 High

Container Stack Height

180 In


48 in

Load Center

25 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • High stacking capacity up to eight 8’6” containers or seven 9’6” containers with single-stacking attachment
  • Quick lifting speed of 125 fpm, for maximum productivity
  • Exceptional stability thanks to a 182-inch width over the drive tires and a large 180-inch wheelbase – plus a 190% reserve capacity
  • Intuitive multi-function single joystick control for added versatility and simpler operation
  • Outward-facing Inner Uprights provide superior lateral mast strength
  • Standard side-post attachment extends/retracts to handle 20- and 40-foot empty containers, and can be quickly adjusted to handle 53-foot containers
  • Powerful performance from a CUMMINS® 6.7 liter, 215hp turbocharged diesel engine and Dana 32,000 power shift transmission with 3 forward/reverse speeds
  • 12-plate modulation provides smooth shifting and protection against directional change stock loads, with constant mesh gears during shifting
  • Integral slope piler carriage provides safe, efficient container handling on trailers or uneven ground
  • Electronic declutch system for precise movement at higher rpm’s
  • LED forward-facing cab-mounted headlights (4)
  • LED forward-facing front fender-mounted headlights (2)
  • LED forward-facing mast-mounted headlights (2)
  • LED forward-facing attachment-mounted spreader headlights (2)
  • LED rearward-facing lights (2)
  • Stairway lighting
  • Strobe light
  • Reverse travel alarms
  • Single multifunction joystick control handle
  • Key off headlights
  • Sideview mirrors (right & left side)
  • Front indicator lights (stop, turn, tail, backup)
  • Rear combination lights
  • Elevated operator cab ((ECH5-8 only)
  • Dashless cab design for improved visibility
  • Front & rear windshield washer/wiper
  • Top mounted windshield washer/wiper
  • Individually controlled front/rear wipers
  • Cabin doors with sliding windows
  • LED twistlock indicator lights inside cab
  • Tilt-steering column
  • Left-hand directional shift lever
  • Adjustable air-ride seat with retractable seat belts
  • Lockable doors with greaseable hinges
  • Cab heater & defroster
  • Tinted glass to minimize glare
  • Four turn lock-to-lock steering wheel
  • CUMMINS® 6.7 liter, 6-cylinder Tier 3 diesel engine
    • Common-rail electronic fuel injection system
    • Turbocharged & intercooled
  • Dana model 32000 transmission with 3 forward & 3 reverse speeds
  • Loadsensing, hydrostatic-powered steering
  • Independent brake & brake/declutch pedals
  • 3-spool main control valve (lift, tilt, attachment)
  • Load-sensing steering & brake pump
  • Upswept exhaust
  • Side-post attachment with two ISO rear “floating” twistlocks
    • Extendable/retractable to 20′ & 40′ pick points
    • Large LED twistlock engagement indicator lights
    • Interlock safety system to ensure proper locking
    • 24″ of side shift each way
  • WTP Blocks
  • Warning lights
    • Battery charge
    • Low engine oil pressure
    • High transmission oil temperature
    • Park & service brake
  • Integrated multifunction display – includes:
    • Hour meter display
    • Fuel gauge
    • Low fuel warning light
    • Engine oil pressure gauge
    • Battery charge warning light
    • Water temperature gauge
    • Transmission temperature gauge
    • Transmission, air & hydraulic filter indicator
    • Oil pressure indicator
    • Service indicator
    • Engine water temperature indicator
    • Tachometer
    • Speedometer
Ease of Service
  • Electronic engine diagnostics with fault code history
  • Easy-access filters
  • Hydraulic multi-gauge
  • Externally serviceable brakes
  • Hinged engine compartment doors with gas struts
  • External attachment spreader cylinders
  • Bolt-on tanks, counterweights, cab super-structure, and stairways (removable)
  • Electric horn
  • Asbestos-free components
  • Neutral safety switch
  • Integrated overhead guard
  • Operator restraint system seat
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • Force-cooled wet disc brakes
  • Planetary drive axle rater for durability in high-capacity, off-road applications
  • Heavy-duty, welded steer axle
  • Rigidly constructed welded frame
  • Engine protection system
  • High-capacity cooling system
  • Open core radiator with fan shroud
  • Welded-nested mast rails
  • 12-volt electrical system with 12V starter motor & alternator
  • Two 12V batteries, each rated at 925 cold cranking amps
  • Two-stage heavy-duty air cleaner
  • 2 stage wide visible mast (V)
  • Steer axle stabilizer cylinders (ECH5-8 only)

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