Combi-CBE Forklift

6,000 lbs Capacity /

Combi-CBE Electric Counter-Balanced Forklift

The innovative and compact Combi-CBE electric counterbalanced forklift is designed to increase productivity, improve safety and help increase your storage capacity both indoors & outdoors.

More compact than a conventional forklift the Combi-CBE is ideal for transporting goods such as palletized loads but has the added advantage of having the ability to carry long loads in sideways mode.

A confident operator is a productive one and the Combi-CBE is designed with this in mind. Driver visibility is maximized by its off center and high seating positioning which is fully protected from falling material by the sturdy roll cage which is also designed to maximize visibility.

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Quick Specs


  • Lift Capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Lift Height: 157″
  • Outside Turning Radius: 54″
  • Maximum Speed: 7 mph
  • Gradeability: 10%


  • Lift Capacity: 6,000 lbs
  • Lift Height: Up to 236″
  • Outside Turning Radius: 54″
  • Maximum Speed: 7 mph
  • Gradeability: 10%
  • Electric Power reduces emissions for indoor operation
  • Highly Customizable with a wide range of fork sizes, spreaders and attachments
  • Maximum Driver Visibility thanks to off-center, high-positioned seating
  • Standard Sideshifter reduces driver’s need to exit and re-enter the cab frequently


  • Open cabin
  • Load sensing steering
  • 4-Way lever positioning of wheels
  • System Communication via CAN-BUS
  • Multi -direction operation
  • 2 Wheel Electric Drive
  • Powered by AC Technology

Optional Features

  • Fully Enclosed Cabin
  • Cabin Heater
  • Integrated Hydraulic Fork Positioner
  • Detachable 4 Fork Spreader Bar

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