Combilift C55,000 Forklift

55,000 lbs Capacity /

Combilift C55,000 Multi-Directional Forklift

The Combilift C55,000 Forklift is designed to handle long, heavy and awkward loads. The largest in the Combilift catalog of 4 way trucks, the C55,000 can meet the needs of a multitude of material handling sectors.

Improving your workflow by effectively becoming three forklifts in one, this machine is a sideloader, counterbalance and narrow aisle forklift. This revolutionary design eliminates costly double handling of material and improves productivity.

The Combi C55,000 has the ability to quickly change the direction of its wheels and move in any direction. This 4-way movement gives this forklift the versatility to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects with confidence and utmost safety.

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Quick Specs
  • Lift Capacity: 55,000 lbs
  • Lift Height: 162″
  • Outside Turning Radius: 191″
  • Maximum Speed: 11 mph
  • Gradeability: 10%
  • Designed to Improve Your Workflow by becoming three machines in one: a counterbalance forklift, an narrow aisle forklift and a sideloader
  • Eliminates Costly Double Handling of Material and improves productivity
  • 4-Way Movement gives the Combilift C55,000 the versatility to transport long loads through narrow doorways and around objects with confidence and utmost safety
  • Considerable Gains in Storage Density and Throughput can be achieved thanks to the C55,000’s ability to operate as a sideloader
  • Low Center of Gravity and Integrated Platform provide a very stable base for resting long loads on while transporting
  • Innovated Moving Mast System and Hydraulic Fork Positioner allow the operator to adjust the forks, reach out, lift the load and place it on the platform without leaving the cab
  • No-Nonsense Design give the C55,000 the strength to handle grueling schedules, indoors and out, in all weather conditions
  • Hydraulic Mounted Cabin
  • Multi-Direction Operation
  • 4 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive
  • +/- 6” Integrated Side-shift
  • 4 Way Lever Positioning of Wheels
  • Load Sensing Steering
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler

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