3,000 lb. Capacity

Built to handle the most demanding warehouse and distribution center applications. Yours. That’s the Toyota 6-Series Order Picker, the high-level solution for custom order picking in your unique work environment. You pick the base legs, platform width and mast height (up to 312 inches), it boosts your order picking productivity. Very narrow aisles? Complicated and/or custom racking? No problem. The Toyota 6-Series Order Picker fits right in. And gets the job done.

Standing for long periods, riding up and down, loading and unloading product. It’s a demanding job. But one that Toyota’s advanced ergonomic design helps you do effectively, efficiently and, yes, comfortably. Job-easing features include a cushioned floor mat, low effort brake pedal, pallet clamp foot release and intuitive multi-function control handle. For operator protection, there’s a full body harness and energy absorbing tether, sure footed operator platform and flip-up side gates.

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3,000 lb

Lift Capacity

24 V


72 In

Turning Radius

5,300 lb

Machine Weight

5.5 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • 2- and 3-stage wide-view masts with maximum fork height of 312 inches
  • Separately Excited (SEPEX™) drive motor delivers precise sped and torque control, loaded or unloaded
  • Drive wheel direction Indicator for optimum control and more confident operation
  • Low-effort brake pedal and cushioned, non-slip floor help reduce fatigue and increase productivity
  • Low <8 in platform height eases frequent entry and exit during the work shift
  • Series-wound hydraulic lift motor with pulse width modulation for efficient, quiet, smooth operation
  • Ergonomic multi-function control handle allows single-handed control for simplified operation
  • Wire mesh mast guard provides clear view of aisle ahead while allowing better airflow
  • Flip-up side gates nest out of the way when picking orders
  • Pallet centering guide with automatic clamp and foot release pedal for convenient, efficient pallet handling
  • Base legs from 40-56 in to match your application
  • Rails and wire guidance system available
  • Cushioned floor & brake pedal
  • Flip-up side gates
  • Cushioned mast staging
  • Clipboard & work material storage compartments
  • Amenities tray
  • Wire mesh mast guard
  • 24-Volt electrical system
  • Toyota Advance Control System (TACS) with MOSFET design
  • Multifunction control handle
  • Separately Excited (SepEx™) shunt wound drive motor
  • Series-wound hydraulic lift motor
  • Interactive digital display panel
    • Multifunction hour meter
    • Time & date display
    • Programmable travel, acceleration & lift speeds
  • UL-approved model type “E” rating
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with variable speed lift
  • Proportional valve controlled, variable lowering speed
  • Full travel speed up to 60” fork height
Ease of Service
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Built-in analyzer
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt
  • Brush wear indicator with protection
    • On drive & lift motor
  • Over temperature indicator with protection – on drive & lift motor
  • No tools required service access covers
  • Battery compartment rollers
  • Battery retaining gates (adjustable)
  • Emergency power disconnect switch
  • Emergency lowering control valve
  • Enclosed battery compartment
    • 14.5” x 36.75” x 32.25”
  • SB 350 battery connector (red)
  • Electronic power steering
  • 2- and 3-stage wide-view masts
  • 40” base leg overall width (outside dimension)
  • 39”-wide operator platform
  • 42” x 1.5” x 4” forks
  • Polyurethane drive tire
  • Polyurethane load wheels
  • Automatic return to center drive wheel upon start-up (auto-steer centering)
  • Hydraulic drum brake
  • Drive wheel direction indicator
  • Pallet centering guide with automatic clamp
  • Pallet clamp release foot pedal
  • Overhead guard
  • Anti-static ground strap
  • Amber strobe light
  • Electric horn
  • Full body harness & energy-absorbing tether
    • For operator weights up to 310 lbs.

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