3,000 lb. Capacity

Innovative and cost-effective, the Toyota 7-Series Order Picker is a value option ideal for general warehouse applications without complicated or custom racking. An off-the-shelf solution, it’s ready to work when you need it – no high-level customization necessary. Delivering maximum performance, lasting through long work cycles, making order picking easy and efficient. An all-around great pick.

From order-picking efficiency for your fulfillment center to all around support for your general warehousing jobs, the 7-Series Order Picker delivers the goods. A best-selling value option, it delivers legendary Toyota durability and reliability in a scrappy, proven truck that gets the job done.

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3,000 lb

Lift Capacity

24 V


72 In

Turning Radius

5,300 lb

Machine Weight

5.0 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • 2- and 3-stage wide-view masts with maximum fork height of 312 inches
  • Separately Excited (SEPEX™) drive motor delivers precise sped and torque control, loaded or unloaded
  • Drive wheel direction indicator for optimum control and more confident operation
  • Flush-mounted brake pedal with bubble-cushioned floor mat reduces fatigue and increases productivity
  • 7.75 in platform height eases frequent entry and exit during the work shit
  • Anti-rattle mast staging provides confident load handling at raised heights
  • Reduced vibration and operator fatigue from five suspension bushings and bubble-cushioned floor mat that also smooth the ride over dock levelers, uneven floors and slab transitions
  • Ergonomic multi-function control handle allows single-handed control for simplified operation
  • Wire mesh mast guard provides clear view of aisle ahead while allowing better airflow
  • Fixed side gates provide generous case-picking window for easy access to product
  • Spacious platform allows operator greater mobility for easier order picking
  • Pallet centering guide with automatic clamp and foot release pedal for convenient, efficient pallet handling
  • Rails and wire guidance system available
  • Bubble-cushioned floor mat
  • Fixed side gates
  • 7.75” low step height
  • Spring suspension system
  • Anti-rattle mast
  • Cushioned mast stops
  • Clipboard & work material storage compartments
  • Flush-mounted brake pedal
  • Amenities tray
  • Wire mesh mast guard
  • 24-Volt electrical system
  • Independent lift, drive & steer motors
  • Separately Excited (SepEx™) shunt wound drive motor
  • SepEx™ Transistor Control System
  • Series wound lift motor
  • Multi-step thermal limiting traction system
  • Fully variable lift/lower control
  • Intuitively mapped multifunction control handle
  • Hydraulic mast lowering deceleration
  • UL-approved model type “E” rating
Ease of Service
  • Power-up and run diagnostics
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt
  • Hour meter (brake pedal activated)
  • No tools required service access covers
  • Battery compartment rollers
  • Battery retaining gates (adjustable)
  • Emergency power disconnect switch
  • Emergency manual lowering control valve
  • Enclosed battery compartment
    • 14.5” x 36.75” x 32.25”
  • SB 350 battery connector (red)
  • Electronic power steering
  • 2- and 3-stage wide-view masts
  • Proportional plugging
  • Regenerative braking
  • 40” base leg overall width (outside dimension)
  • 39”-wide operator platform
  • Drive wheel direction indicator
  • Drive motor stall protection
  • Automatic return to center drive wheel upon start-up (auto-steer centering)
  • Electronic disc brake
  • Pallet centering guide with automatic clamp
  • Pallet clamp release foot pedal
  • Polyurethane drive tire
  • Polyurethane single load wheels
  • Overhead guard
  • Anti-static ground strap
  • Electronic power steering
  • 42” x 1.5” x 4” forks
  • Amber strobe light
  • Electric horn
  • Full body harness & energy-absorbing tether
    • For operator weights up to 310 lbs.

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