2,500 lb. - 4,500 lb. Capacity

The Toyota Reach Truck is big on productivity and performance in work environments where space is at a premium – warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. More than 500 engineering advances deliver the world-class Toyota reliability and durability you depend on. Longer maintenance intervals keep the forklift on the floor longer for more uptime.

Intuitive controls work like you think they should and let you control lift and auxiliary functions with ease. Lift or lower while controlling reach or tilt, too, saving valuable seconds in each cycle. Get increased traction to move quickly between delivery points with large tires that also decrease friction, keeping tire replacement to a minimum. Accomplish more, more efficiently.

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2,500 - 4,500 lb

Lift Capacity

24/36 V


70.8 - 80.6 In

Turning Radius

6,100 - 6,758 lb

Machine Weight

7.5 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • Single and double reach models for accessing racking systems up to 30-feet tall with product stored two deep*
  • Excellent narrow-aisle maneuverability for warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing use
  • Increased run time between charges gives you the performance advantage to rack more goods, more productively and efficiently
  • Tuned for efficiency with an AC motor and motor controllers you can adjust to prioritize pure productivity or run time
  • Single-axis control handle reduces chance of truck movement during hydraulic operation, reducing likelihood of rack and product damage
  • Spacious operator compartment with low 9-inch step height, no trip points, stable floor position and very low brake pedal for increased operator comfort and productivity
  • Fully programmable performance adjustment via electronic display for seamless operator changes
  • Available cold conditioning down to -20°F for use in freezer/cold storage applications
  • Mast cushioning reduces jarring and contributes to load stability
  • Bubble-cushioned padded floor and brake pedal
  • Ergonomically angled floorboard
  • Integrated clipboard, amenities tray and cup holder
  • High-visibility overhead guard
  • Safety glass mast guard
  • Comfort-padded lean points
  • Cushioned knee pad
  • 24-Volt or 36 Volt electrical system depending on model
  • Variable-speed lift and lowering
  • Electric power-steering motor
  • Two-speed reach/retract
  • Current-controlled proportional valve
  • Multifunction control handle
  • Interactive digital display panel
    • Multifunctional hour meter
    • Time & date display
    • Programmable travel, acceleration, lift/lower speeds, reach/retract
    • Fault code memory
  • AC-powered drive system with torque control
  • AC hydraulic system
  • Lowering flow limiter
  • Lift system relief valve
  • UL-approved type “E” rating
Ease of Service
  • Battery compartment rollers
  • Adjustable battery retaining gates
  • SB350 gray or red connector depending on model
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Built-in analyzer
  • Over temperature indicator with protection
    • On dive & lift motor
  • Emergency power disconnect switch
  • Electric horn
  • Key switch
  • Self-adjusting electric disc brake
  • Enclosed battery compartment; different sizes depending on model
  • 180° electronic power steering
  • Auto position hold
  • Flexible dock stance operator compartment
  • Wide-view 3-stage mast (FSV)
  • Hydraulic cushioned mast staging
  • Hydraulic cushioned retract system
  • Hydraulic fork deceleration at floor level
  • Lift slow down at max lift
  • 33”-50” base leg openings (ID)
    • In 1” increments
  • Polyurethane drive tire (13.5” diameter x 6”)
  • Tandem articulated, bolt-on polyurethane load wheels (5”x 3.63”)
  • Polyurethane caster wheel (dual)
  • Proportional handle plugging
  • Tapered toe box (5” x 3.63”) (9BDRU13, 9BDRU15 only)
  • Universal operator presence pedal with cushioned pad
  • Electric disc brake
  • Regenerative braking
  • Ventilated tractor compartment with high-capacity cooling fan
  • 48” tilting load backrest extension (5° forward/3° backward)
  • ITA Class II hook-type carriage (32” wide)
  • Anti-static ground strap
  • Adjustable speed limit above Free-Lift (0-3.5 mph)
  • Forks: 42” x 1.75” x 4”
    • 42” x 1.5 x 4” on 9BRU18

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