How Often Are Forklift Operator Evaluations Required

How Often Are Forklift Operator Evaluations Required?


Paragraph (l)(4) of the Occupational Safety and Health Standard specifies that an evaluation be conducted of each powered industrial truck operator's performance. But how often should these evaluations be completed and when?


Forklift Operator Evaluations

The employer must conduct evaluations at least once every three years as well as part of the operator's initial training. In addition, an evaluation of any refresher training (to determine the effectiveness of that training) must be performed.

This evaluation does not have to be formalized but must consist of an observation of the operator performing all typical operations by a person with knowledge, training and experience. This is to ensure that the powered industrial truck is operated safely.

Since evaluations are needed after refresher training, let's brush up on what refresher training is and when it's required.


When is refresher training required?

Refresher training is required when the employer determines that the operator lacks the skills or knowledge to operate the truck safely.

If the employee has been observed operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner, has been involved in an accident or near miss, or has received an evaluation that reveals the employee is not operating the truck safely, refresher training is required.

In addition, refresher training is required when the employee is assigned to drive a different type of truck or a condition in the workplace changes that could affect the safe operation of the truck.

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