Preventing Damage to Warehouse Rack

How to Prevent Warehouse Rack Damage Caused by Operators


Your warehouse racking often endures some unintentional abuse. Whether it’s overloaded or struck by a forklift, impacts are bound to happen. Unfortunately, racking damage isn’t just a matter of an added expense, it can be a serious safety issue too. These quick tips will help you minimize the risks. Find out how to prevent warehouse rack damage caused by operators.


Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter restricts forklift maneuverability, reduces visibility and limits your operators’ options when navigating your facility. Clean up debris on the floor, pallets laying around, and any other clutter that could become a hazard. Maintaining clear driving surfaces will help your operators steer clear of the racking.


Improve Visibility for Operators

Ensure you have sufficient lighting. Racking units can block the light, making the aisles dark. Proper lighting is essential so don’t be afraid to upgrade when necessary. If improving the facility lighting isn’t an option, consider forklift lights. There are plenty of options to choose from. Read Toyota’s review of your forklift lighting options.

Mirrors are another way to improve visibility for forklift operators. Rear view mirrors attach directly to the forklift but you can also install mirrors to the racking, walls or ceiling.


Paint Your Forks

Brightly colored forks are easier to see when operators are positioning the load at height.  Plus, by painting each pair of forks a different color, you can create a make-shift damage detection system. You’ll be able to tell which forklift caused the damage that appears on your racks.


Get Accountability from Operators

If different paint colors isn’t your idea of the ideal accountability system, there are other options. Toyota’s T-Matics fleet management tool allows you to track impacts and determine which operator was on the forklift at the time of the incident.


Protect High-Impact Areas

Your racking is most vulnerable to impacts near the bottom of each support column and at the end of each row. When operators are rounding the corner they can unintentionally turn into the racking.  Use guard rails or column protectors to shield these high-impact areas from damage.


Focus on Training

The best way to prevent damage to your warehouse racking is to train your forklift operators. Be clear about the right procedures for operation around racking and instruct operators on the safest way to operate with a load. Trained operators will make all the difference.

Implementing even a few of these suggestions will help operators maneuver around your warehouse racking, letting you minimize unnecessary expense and avoid the danger of rack damage.

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