Floor Scrubbers


The Factory Cat walk-behind scrubbers bring renowned toughness into the walk-behind auto scrubber market. Their compact length allows the battery scrubbers to maneuver into congested areas and their unique design keeps the scrub deck well protected. The large clean water and recovery tanks tip back for easy scheduled maintenance. Their thick steel frames and heavy duty components keep Factory Cat scrubbers working long after others have been discarded.


The Factory Cat ride-on scrubber line offers customers an ideal and affordable solution to their floor cleaning needs. The three platforms include a powerful 36-volt system and heavy duty, steel construction for the most severe environments. Adjustable steering columns are standard, as is the front, steel apron which protects the operator’s feet from collision. An American Made front wheel drive system allows for U-Turns within the machine’s length, and unmatched maneuverability. Stainless fasteners and filter screens simplify service.

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