26 - 34 Inch Cleaning Width

The Factory Cat GTX scrubber is tough, compact and ready for a variety of applications including fabrication and machine shops, warehousing, aviation, beverage distribution and more. New and improved takes on new meaning with the GTX scrubber.

Thanks to a powerful drive motor that can climb steep ramps and 2 disk brushes, the GTX makes floor scrubbing a breeze. The coated deck design is corrosion resistant. And the tank tips back for easy access. With the entire tank tipped back, everything inside the chassis is accessible. Valves, pumps, actuators and motors all become easily serviceable.

26 - 34 IN

Cleaning Width

13 - 17 IN

Disk Brush Size

Up to 6 Hours

Run Time

1,195 - 1,245 lb

Machine Weight

54 x 26 x 55 IN

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Larger tanks for efficient, quick cleaning
  • Wider scrub path to cover more square footage in less time
  • High scrub pressure provides an unmatched standard of clean
  • Big battery pack for a longer run time
  • Easy access to filters, valves, vacuum, batteries and actuator
  • Drain Saver basket collects debris so it doesn't clog floor drains
Standard Features
  • Drain Saver basket
  • Oversized vacuum screen
  • Indicator dash lights
  • Adjustable steering
  • Tower rollers
  • Heavy duty solid tires
  • Steel frame
  • Flip up bumper
  • Brake lights
  • Vacuum protection system
  • Poly battery box with drain
  • Coated deck design
Popular Options
  • Headlights
  • Rear lights
  • Spray Jet
  • Suds soap proportioning system
  • Side doors
  • Zero3 chemical free solution
  • Side brooms

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