30 - 35 Inch Cleaning Width

The Kärcher B 150  is your productive and versatile ride-on scrubber drier with dual side brushes for industrial cleaning applications.It’s the perfect rider scrubber drier to make cleaning safer, more convenient and more productive.

The compact design allows good visibility all around for safe cleaning of interiors. The KIK operating system and the color coding of the control elements make operation simple and intuitive. All adjustments, such as contact pressure, water volume, turbine power, roller speed, etc. can be made using the large color control panel. The machine also informs the user of the water fill level and remaining run time.

30 - 35 IN

Cleaning Width

36 V


3.7 MPH

Working Speed

959 - 1,146 lb

Machine Weight

65 x 31 x 56 IN

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Short and narrow design makes machine very maneuverable, ideal for angled interiors and provides a good line-of-site
  • Large color control panel adjusts contact pressure, water volume, turbine power, roller speed. And informs operator of water fill level and remaining run time.
  • All-wheel drive option ensures stable traction when cleaning ramps on a gradient and good directional stability on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Automatic filling systems allows tank to be filled with an external hose using a conventional hose coupling
  • Optional side brush with roller head (R 75 or R 90 models) turns scrubber into an efficient and versatile cleaning machine - sweeper, scrubbing and vacuuming in a single operation
Standard Features
  • Auto Fill In
  • FACT
  • Eco!Efficiency mode
  • Automatic raising and lowering function
  • Electrically adjustable contact pressure
  • KIK (Kärcher Intelligent Key)
  • Large color display
  • Automatic tank rinsing system
  • Charger
  • Low maintenance or AGM battery
Popular Options
  • Roller brush
  • Disc brush
  • Integrated sweeper mechanism
  • Side brushes
  • Squeegee (straight & curved options)
  • Four-wheel drive