14 Inch Cleaning Width

Thanks to the innovative steerable cylindrical scrub deck, the Kärcher BR 35/12 scrubber can clean adjacent to the wall at a 90° angle. It can scrub in any direction making it the most practical scrubber for tight and congested areas. The steerable cylindrical scrub deck is an outstanding technical innovation: It can be horizontally rotated 200° in both directions, finally eliminating blind spots when cleaning!

The height adjustable, telescoping and folding steering column allows any operator to set it to their most ergonomic working position. The folding steering column and eyelet tie down points also makes it easy to secure for transport.

14 IN

Cleaning Width

24 V


65 dBA

Operating Noise Level

77 lb

Machine Weight

39 x 18 x 51 IN

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Eco!efficiency mode utilizes energy and resources more efficiently
  • Adjust down pressure with the turn of a knob
  • Color coded operator controls for easy operation and service
  • Dirty water tank easily detaches for quick disposal of dirty solution
  • Innovative steerable cylindrical scrub deck allows you to clean adjacent to the wall at a 90-degree angle
  • Scrub in any direction - perfect for tight and congested areas
  • Height-adjustable, telescoping and folding steering column allows any operator to set it to their most ergonomic working position
  • Brush speed is automatically increased with down pressure adjustments
Standard Features
  • Cylindrical brush, medium stiff for general cleaning needs
  • Oil resistant polyurethane squeegee blade set
  • Lithium-ion battery 
Popular Options
  • Cylindrical white brush, soft bristles for gentle cleaning all-surface floors
  • Cylindrical orange brush, high-low bristles for cleaning grouted surface floors
  • Cylindrical green brush, medium-hard bristles for aggressive cleaning irregular surface floors
  • Cylindrical black brush, extremely stiff bristles for stubborn dirt on rugged floors
  • Cylindrical pad shaft
  • Cylindrical yellow pad, soft grit for polishing and cleaning non-textured floors
  • Cylindrical red pad, medium grit for all-around cleaning non-textured floors
  • Cylindrical green pad, medium-hard grit for removing stubborn dirt and deep cleaning of non-textured floors
  • Cylindrical microfiber pad, for cleaning stone tiles