Factory Cat Mini-HD Scrubber-Sweeper

25" - 29" Cleaning Width /

Factory Cat Mini-HD Sweeper-Scrubber For Sale wisconsin

Maneuver into tight areas with the Factory Cat Mini-HD scrubber-sweeper. Its cylindrical brush sweeps up small debris while scrubbing simultaneously. Leaving a thoroughly clean, dry floor in it’s path, this scrubber-sweeper comes out on top and it’s taking you with it. Unmatched cleaning power and increased productivity – who says great things can’t come in small packages?

Factory Cat’s heavy steel construction, 100% stainless fasteners and polyurethane rollers offer superb protection to prevent any damage to your machine. Plus, the HD scrub motors almost guarantee better performance. Heavy-duty doesn’t begin to cover it.

Not available for rent. View our rental scrubber-sweepers.

Quick Specs
  • Size (L x W x H): 52” x 22” x 40”
  • Weight (w/ Batteries): 625 – 675 lbs
  • Cylindrical Brush Size: 23″ or 27″
  • Cleaning Width: 25″ or 29″
  • Cleaning Rate: (sq. ft/hr): 12,526
  • Run Time: Up to 3.5 Hours
  • Simultaneously Sweeps and Scrubs in a single pass which eliminates the need to pre-sweep the area and increases productivity
  • Superior Expansion Joint Cleaning
  • Machine Control Panel uses off-the-shelf toggle and marine duty switches and features universal icons which simplifies training.
  • Vacuum Muffler allows machine to consistently achieve as low as 62 dB while thoroughly drying the floor.
  • Squeegee Adjustments made simple with quick change squeegee latch allows tool-less maintenance and 4-sided squeegee blade.
  • Front Fill System features a retractable hose for easy filling on standard sink-faucets and a stainless screen for bucket filling.
  • Over-sized Vacuum Screen Shut-Off quickly arrests overfill issues to protect the Vacuum Motor.
  • High Performance Motors and Down Pressure provides an unmatched standard of cleaning.
  • Tilt-Up Deck gives a much higher degree pitch of “up” position of deck and eliminates torn side wipers/curtains
  • Oversized vacuum screen
  • Vacuum protection system
  • Stainless fasteners
  • Polyurethane rollers
  • HD scrub motors
  • Thick steel frame
  • Quick change squeegee latch
  • Clogged squeegee alert light
  • Drain saver basket
  • White vacuum filter
  • Non-marking corner rollers
  • Over-sized brushes

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