Leasing Options

Conger offers a wide range of flexible financing and lease options to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction through the lifecycle of your material handling equipment. A few of the leasing options available to you are described below.

Types of Leasing Available

Flexible Term Lease

Permits you to lease for a specific initial term, with an option to renew lease for a second specific term at predetermined lease payments (and predetermined interest rate)


  • Flexibility to terminate the lease at the end of the specified terms while locking in the monthly payments for the future
  • Ability to match specific lease periods with the your contract commitments
  • Ability to structure a program that will adjust to anticipated market fluctuations

Example: 24 month lease at $800/month, opportunity to extend lease for another 24 months at $200/month.*

Closed-End (Operating) Lease
Capital Lease ($1.00 Purchase Option)
Master Lease Line of Credit
One-Pay Lease

Leasing Advantages

Signing Contract

Maximize Equipment Usage

You’ll have the opportunity to maximize your equipment usage typically without paying the full cost of ownership. Fixed lease terms and payments give you the ability to budget expenses and forecast fleet replacement cycles.

Cash Management Through Forklift Leasing

Cash Management

Generally leases require little or no money due at signing compared to financing through a retail agreement. Your monthly lease payments will commonly be lower than a retail loan contract.

Flexible Lease Options Available Conger

Flexibility & Convenience

Meet the ever changing needs of your business with convenient lease options. Depending on your lease agreement, you have various option to purchase or renew for an additional term and your lease structure can be customized to meet your needs as well as give you additional flexibility.

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Capital Budget Constraints

Leasing can give you an alternative to capital budget investments in order to obtain additional equipment.

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