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Gusto the forklift Screenshot Episode #4

Gusto Mini Episode #4 – “Productivity”

  Conger employees begin to question Gusto’s productivity in the office.       Other Gusto Episodes: Episode 3 – “Runaway Gusto” Episode 2 – “Should We Tell Him” Episode 1 – “Safety First” Intro Episode – “Introducing Gusto”

Introducing Gusto

Gusto the forklift mascot has finally arrived at the Conger offices. Hear and see our employee’s thoughts and feelings to his presence around the corporate headquarters.  

‘New Employee’ Revealed!

Thanks to those who made the 2016 Manufacturing First Expo memorable for us, we hope it was just as memorable for you. Re-live some of the moments inside the Conger booth and see our ‘new employee’ – our mascot Gusto … Read More