Toyota Large High-Capacity IC Cushion Forklift

Toyota’s Fall Upgrades: Two-Speed Transmission & New Forklift Models


Toyota Material Handling - known for its safety and innovative design – is adding to their already lengthy list of unique features with a new two-speed transmission.

The Toyota designed two-speed transmission is now standard equipment on all of their 8,000 lb. to 17,500 lb. capacity pneumatic forklifts. This electronically controlled automatic transmission provides two forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Increased gradeability and acceleration can be expected compared to the previous 1-speed design.

Contingencies have been made in order to honor existing quotes for customers. Please contact your local dealer to determine how the upgrade will affect your orders.

In addition to the transmission upgrade, Toyota is expanding their heavy duty line by a total of 31 new models with capacities up to 100,000 lbs. to further bolster their cushion model capacity offering. The expansion will include 10 new models for their High-Capacity Electric Cushion series, 4 new models for their High-Capacity IC Cushion series and a whopping 17 new models for their High-Capacity Large IC Cushion series.

Previously the heavy duty line was only available in IC Pneumatic models. This expansion opens the line up to many more applications.

View the new heavy duty IC cushion forklifts and electric cushion forklifts.