Uni-Ace Tires

Uni-Ace (Press-On) Tires



PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY—premium natural rubber tire with special additives. This compound was developed to provide the longest service life in the most abrasive applications. Ideal for long distance at high speeds and severe load applications with tight turns. Benefits include lower rolling resistance giving up to 20% longer battery life, low heat buildup increasing tire life and superior chip and chunk resistance. This compound will provide maximum shock absorption limiting the impact transferred to the vehicle improving driver comfort and reducing shock related maintenance costs. Can be used on electric and gas trucks. This compound has set the standard that all other premium tires will be judged by.


NON MARKING—A blend of 100% premium natural rubber with hydrated silica’s and special additives. Will not mark floors and thus improve appearance and reduce cleaning maintenance costs. Increase load capacity with high resistance to cutting and chunking. Low rolling resistance will give up to 15% longer battery life. Can be used on electric and gas trucks. Will give the longest tire life of any Non Marking tire.

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