Forklift Pedestrian Safety Blue Light

Unique Forklift Attachments To Make Your Job Easier


Finding the right forklift attachments to improve safety, versatility, ingenuity and productivity is surely no small task. With so many choices, it can be hard to make quick decisions on the kinds of accessories or attachments you think you may need. We’ve compiled a short list of popular options for your fork truck that you may not have heard before.


Drop down LPG tank

Drop Down LPG Tank for Forklift

This mechanism moves the tank out from the center of the forklift and drops it down to an easier access height that allows the operator to make tank changes more efficiently and with less stress on the body.



LED headlights on the mast of the forklift

LED Light on Forklift Mast

In low light situations, it can be difficult for operators to see where they are positioning a load, much less see the terrain they are driving on.  With these lights mounted on the mast of the lift truck.



Toyota fleet management T-Matics COMMAND and T-Matics MOBILE

Toyota Forklift Fleet Management T-Matics Device

Whether you operate a large or small fleet of lift trucks, it can be difficult and time consuming to keep track of small nuances a forklift requires – planned maintenance and daily operation inspection checklists to name a few. T-Matics COMMAND and T-matics MOBILE are state-of-the-art fleet management tools that tracks and reports behavior on the forklift as well as the driver. A manager has quick access via web reporting to electronic daily operation checklists, maintenance tracking for time-sensitive intervals, fleet tracking systems, and even impact alerts for the forklift. Furthermore these two systems are exclusively for Toyota Industrial Equipment and gives managers the analytic data they need to optimize their fleets to make smart, educated decisions.



Adjustable Sears Seat

Adjustable Sears Forklift Seat

In regards to performance, durability, and innovation, the Sears seat is a great ergonomic enhancement. Not only should a seat protect an operator from constant vibration and shock, but it should be comfortable. With a weight adjuster, ride indicator, molded suspension cover, contoured metal back pan, and ergonomically contoured cushions the seat can also be custom built to include hip restraints, arm rests, seat belts and swivel mechanisms.



Mini Lever Hydraulic Controls

Forklift Mini Lever Hydraulic Controls

Most people are familiar with the standard mechanical levers a forklift has, but what may be unfamiliar are mini, or multi-functional levers. Placed near the seat, these allow for a reduction in arm movements for an operator and are commonly used in situations where smooth, precise control is critical in the handling of goods. In an environment where an operator is sitting in the truck for long periods, a mini-lever might also be a better option.



Pedestrian Alert Blue Light

Forklift Blue Safety Pedestrian Light

Forklift Blue Safety Pedestrian Light

It is common in an environment with many forklifts in operation to have strobe lights and backup alarms. However, operators and pedestrians can grow accustomed to the sound of backup alarms. Another option to increase forklift visibility is the pedestrian alert blue light. These lights can be installed forward or rearward facing and projects 10 to 20 feet ahead to alert pedestrians of oncoming forklift traffic.



Honorable mentions:

Orange seatbelt

Toyota Safety Orange Seat Belt

Take the guesswork out of operators wearing their seatbelt with an easily visible orange belt



Steering Wheel Knob

Forklift Steering Wheel Knob

In a narrow aisle situation, quick turns can be a lifesaver for maneuverability. A knob on the steering wheel can assist in the efficiency of sharp turns.



Low propane fuel gauge light

Low Propane Fuel Light - Forklift

Running out of propane fuel is bad feeling. With a low propane fuel light gauge, a red light gives an operator a 20-minute notice before they run out.