Toyota Forklift Fleet Management T-Matics Device

Fleet Management

You need your forklift fleet to operate at the highest possible productivity level and at the lowest cost per hour. Conger offers the Toyota T-Matics fleet management tool to eliminate operational inefficiencies, measure everything, and help you effectively boost profits. In short, fleet management that gives you a competitive edge while capitalizing on your fleet’s full potential.

T-Matics Fleet Management


Track each forklift and never wonder where your forklifts are or who is using them.


Experience increased accountability, by monitoring all impacts and the operators involved.


Use analytics to determine if your fleet is the right size or if you need to make changes.


Schedule planned maintenance based on actual motion hours and reduce costs.

T-Matics Mobile Logo Image
T-Matics Command Logo Image

T-Matics Mobile

  • Any size fleet
  • Collects Data on Forklifts Only
  • Truck Based
  • Operates on Cell Signal
  • Web-Based Reporting

T-Matics Command

  • Large Fleets (15+ forklifts)
  • Data on Forklifts & Operators
  • Facility Based
  • Operates on Wi-Fi
  • Web-Based Reporting

Need Something Different?

We offer multiple fleet management solutions. If you aren't looking for T-Matics we can also help you with:

Basic inventory reports

Cost per hour reports

Customized reporting on a quarterly or monthly basis

Why Conger?

Industry Experts

Custom Product Installation

Custom Reporting

Compatible to All Makes & Models

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