Kärcher B 80 Scrubber

26" Cleaning Width /

Kärcher B 80 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

Walk-behind scrubber drier with traction drive. Ideal for cleaning large surfaces.

The Kärcher B 80 Scrubber offers excellent maneuverability for large surfaces. With a robust and maintenance friendly brush head, this scrubber model is available with roller or disc brushes.

Quick Specs

Size (L x W x H):  62 x 29 x 45

Weight: 289 lbs

Cleaning Width: 26”

Cleaning Rate: 27,986 sq.ft/hr

  • Adjustable Contact Pressure of Brush based on your cleaning needs
  • Automatic Raising and Lowering of the Brush Head and squeegee for convenient operation
  • 4-Color LCD Display shows all major functions and cleaning programs
  • Disc brush
  • Traction Drive
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Traction motor – 575 W

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