New Factory Cat XR Sweeper-Scrubber for sale


34 - 46 Inch Cleaning Width

For extreme cleaning, the Factory Cat XR scrubber-sweeper is the industrial cleaner of choice. The XR scrub system sweeps up and stores all the debris in an easy to remove hopper. All while scrubbing and drying the floor behind the scrubber-sweeper.

Increased productivity, better productivity, and a longer life. The XR scrubber-sweeper is your MVP. Adding to these benefits, the tank tips for accessibility when cleaning the vacuum screen, servicing batteries, inspecting the vacuum motors, and more. The drain saver basket collects larger debris and prevents them clogging floor drains. Get cleaning with the Factory Cat XR scrubber-sweeper.

34 - 46 IN

Cleaning Width

32 - 44 IN

Cylindrical Brush Size

Up to 5 Hours

Run Time

1,950 LB

Machine Weight

69 x 36 x 56

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Simultaneously sweeps and scrubs in a single pass which eliminates the need to pre-sweep the area and increases productivity
  • Heavy gauge steel for durability and accessibility
  • 68 gallon tanks to reduce inefficient trips to refill and increase productivity
  • Wider scrub path for fewer trips down the aisle
  • Twin vacuum motors so you’ll be sure to get dry, safe, clean floors
  • Easy access to vacuum motors, filters/pump, valves and actuators to streamline service
Standard Features
  • Powerful drive motor
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Heavy duty tires
  • LCD readout
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Hour meter
  • Over-sized motors
  • Adjustable seat and steering
  • Drain saver
Popular Options
  • Dual side brooms
  • WET/AGM batteries

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