44,100 lb. - 59,500 lb. Capacity

Generous pulling power, low operating expense. With that combination, it’s no wonder aviation professionals are big on the Toyota Large Tow Tractor. Up to 59500 pounds of towing power and an extremely tight turning radius suit it for heavy-duty towing operations in crowded, busy environments. Clean 80-Volt AC Power is ideal for the budget-conscious and better for the environment.

The single-pin drawbar quick-release lets the operator release carts without leaving seat, streamlining work operations. Choose between two operating positions: the forward compartment on the 2TE15/18 and the rear compartment on the 3TE25. Both operator compartments are designed with comfort and enhanced visibility in mind.

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44,100 - 59,500 lb

Towing Capacity

80 V


129.7 In

Turning Radius

4,190 - 7,080 lb

Machine Weight

17.5 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • 80-volt AC drive system powerful enough to haul large loads at high speeds over long distances, and up steep ramps and grades
  • Single-pin drawbar quick-release lets operator release carts without leaving seat, streamlining work operations
  • Backlit liquid crystal multi-function digital display with a broad range of programmable functions including speed control
  • High tow capacity and excellent travel speed mean the 3TE25 performs comparably to diesel-powered models while also eliminating emissions.
  • Industrial front axle with hydraulic power steering features a cylinder and mechanism mounted within vehicle frame to guard against common obstacles in harsh work terrains
  • Ergonomic operator compartment designed with end user comfort and enhanced visibility of meters and gauges in mind
  • Two operating positions available including forward compartment on the 2TE15/18 and rear compartment on the 3TE25
  • Infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel
  • Dual action parking brake
  • Column-mounted LCD display & direction control on 2TE15/18
  • Dash mounted LDC display on 3TE25
  • Low entry step height
  • Driver’s side grab bar
  • Vinyl heavy-duty seat
  • Multi-function display includes:
    • Battery capacity indicator
    • Speedometer
    • 2-speed travel control indicator
    • Parking brake indicator
    • Power select function indicator
    • Battery overdischarge warning
    • Battery remaining charge warning
    • Overheat warning
    • Parking brake on/off alarm
    • Return to neutral warning
    • Travel speed alarm
    • Diagnostic indicator
    • 5-function trip & hour meter
    • Calendar & clock
    • Power meter
    • Slope sensing auto-power mode-selector indicator
    • Wheel indicator
    • Seat ON hour meter
    • Maintenance hour meter
    • QR code display
    • Brake fluid level warning
  • 80-Volt AC drive system
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • 2-speed travel speed control
  • Power select function
  • On-board diagnostic & warning system
  • Automatic regenerative braking
  • Front leaf spring suspension
  • Fixed rear axle
  • Full floating rear axle with leaf spring suspension
  • Programmable speed control
  • Slope sensing auto-power mode
Ease of Service
  • Easy access for all maintenance items
  • Battery hood assist damper with lock device
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • Electric horn
  • Parking brake alarm
  • Asbestos-free components
  • Front disc/rear drum hydraulic brakes
  • Emergency power disconnect
  • Anti-rollback function
  • Recessed LED front headlights on 3TE25
  • LED front and rear combination lights on 3TE25
  • Recessed halogen front headlights on 2TE15/18
  • Steel unibody construction
  • DC-DC converter
  • Easy access service compartments
  • Tight turning radius
  • Industrial front axle
  • Front radial, rear bias ply tires
  • Rear single-stage pin-type hitch with remote release
  • Brushless AC dual drive motors

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