5,000 - 10,000 lb. Capacity

Save time and money by weighing your product as you move it. Cascade Weigh Forks are designed to save money by combining transport and weighing into one easy and efficient step. View and track the weight of individual loads or multiple loads using integrated Bluetooth technology.

Being wireless, the system can be installed onto any lift truck in a matter of minutes. The applications are practically limitless, but most commonly used for incoming goods control, overload prevention, dosing, filling, waste management, order picking and inventory control. Say hello to the next generation in mobile weighing.

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5,000 - 10,000 lb

Lift Capacity


Mounting Classes

Wireless System

For Quick Installation

30 - 72 in

Fork Length

274 - 715 LB

Attachment Weight

  • Checking incoming goods while they are being offloaded from the freight truck. If an incomplete delivery is identified, you can react on the spot to prevent stock differences and interrupted production processes
  • Preventing picking errors - weighing on order picking trucks helps prevent picking errors: if you know your article weight, you can check per order line, via the weight, whether the right about of article had been picked.
  • Filling, mixing and dosing - accurate filling of drums, containers and big bags means there is no unnecessary loss of material. By weighing the containers during transport on a forklift you achieve a higher efficiency and flexibility in your filling processes.
  • Preventing overloads - avoid the expenses and dangers of overloading freight trucks or warehouse racks. Mobile scales weigh every pallet as they are loaded to ensure the recommended weight is never exceeded.
  • Waste control - monitoring waste flows and knowing how much waste is produced at each spot in the production line is the first step towards controlling and minimizing waste.
  • Shipping - every company that ships goods needs to know the weight of these goods as accurately as possible. The sender is required by law to declare the correct weight on the shipping documents. Determining the shipping weights is probably the most common used of a mobile scale.
Standard Features
  • Quick installation and set up
  • Digital calibration for fast and easy adjustments
  • Interchangeable rechargeable batteries for each fork
  • Bright backlit LCD driver display with rechargeable batteries
  • Manual and automatic zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Displays both kg and lb units
  • Automatic push button tare
  • Automatic low voltage shut off
  • Manual tare entry totaling with sequence number
  • 5-digit ID code entry
  • Piece counting by sampling or manual piece weight entry
  • Error indicator
  • Internal clock
  • Compatible with load backrests
Popular Options
  • RS232
  • Wireless Bluetooth®
  • WLAN (Wi-Fi) output
  • Optional mountings include pin/shaft or rotator
  • Thermal and dot matrix printers
  • Truck powered display available
Weigh Forks Series Information

Logistics Series

Pro Series

  • 5,000 lbs., 6,000 lbs., and 10,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Mounting Class II and III
  • Spec Sheet

Recommended Industries

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