10,000 lb. Capacity

Cascade single-double pallet handlers are built to help you perform in real working conditions and meet the demanding applications throughout the material handling industry. You can handle a single pallet, or spread the forks hydraulically to lift, carry and sideshift multiple pallets side by side. 

The Cascade Single-Double Pallet Handler allows operators to spread loads against trailer walls with little effort. They’re engineered to deliver and proven to be both versatile and durable.

A double forklift lets you move more loads faster, minimize damage and stay competitive with the Cascade single-double pallet handler. Achieve the productivity gains of double unit load handling without sacrificing the ability to handle single pallets.

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Up to 10,000 LB

Lift Capacity

I, II, III, or IV

Mounting Classes

Models Available

For a Variety of Pallet Types

36 - 54 In

Fork Length

1,080 - 1,725 LB

Attachment Weight

  • Superior visibility through and over the frame for damage free handling at all stacking heights
  • All steel frame for increased overall durability, eliminating flexing
  • Easy access cylinders for quick servicing
  • Bolt-on interchangeable forks for low service cost
  • Full-length, fully enclosed wrap around UHMW plastic bearings provide maximum strength and support, greatly reducing wear on bearing surface
  • Dual class II and III mountings, easily field converted
  • Inner forks mounted on a chrome pin for greater stability
  • Adjustable fork set spread for ability to handle different types of pallets
  • Various load backrest configuration heights, fork lengths
  • Various fork set spreads and opening ranges
  • Quick disconnect lower hooks
  • Drop shank forks – forks are lowered relative to the attachment frame
  • Independent fork set control – allows moving left or right fork set independent of the opposite fork set
  • Non-side shifting models available

Recommended Industries

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