25 - 29 Inch Cleaning Width

The newly redesigned Factory Cat Pilot scrubber-sweeper has a footprint smaller than a walk-behind. It’s one of the smallest riders in its class. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing cleaning power. The cylindrical scrub head collect dust and debris and at the same time scrubs away dirt and grime. The only thing left behind is a thoroughly clean and dry path.

Now available in two models, the Pilot-HD and Pilot-ST, along with all-new features to make your job easier. The Pilot-ST scrubber-sweeper model features a smaller front wheel drive, smaller scrub motors and smaller battery for an even more compact ride-on scrubber.

25 - 29 In

Cleaning Width

25 - 29 In

Cylindrical Brush Size

Up to 4 Hours

Run Time

825 - 875 lb

Machine Weight

48 x 24 x 55 IN

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Sweeps and scrubs simultaneously to eliminate pre-sweeping and dust mopping
  • Superior expansion joint cleaning
  • Machine control panel uses off-the-shelf toggle and marine duty switches and features universal icons which simplifies training.
  • Vacuum muffler allows machine to consistently achieve as low as 67 dB while thoroughly drying the floor.
  • Squeegee adjustments made simple with quick change squeegee latch allows tool-less maintenance and 4-sided squeegee blade.
  • Fill system features a retractable hose for easy filling on standard sink-faucets and a stainless screen for bucket filling.
  • Over-sized vacuum screen shut-off quickly arrests overfill issues to protect the Vacuum Motor.
  • Indicator light lets you know when the tank is nearly full.
  • Polyurethane Drain Saver basket collects debris so it doesn’t clog floor drains.
Standard Features
  • Service cabinet
  • Vacuum protection system
  • Fixed squeegee linkage
  • Rear, top-mounted on-board charger
  • Rear work lights
  • Brake lights
  • Adjustable steering
  • Over-sized vacuum screen
  • Indicator dash lights
  • Poly drain saver basket
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Flip up bumper
  • Tower rollers
  • Heavy duty solid tires
  • Over-sized brushes
  • Powerful motors
Popular Options
  • Spray jet
  • Head lights
  • Universal soap proportioning system
  • Side doors
  • ZerO3
  • Vac Wad
  • AGM batteries

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