18,000 - 22,000 lb. Capacity

Whether you’re stacking large paper rolls or moving metal coils inside a railcar, the Hoist Titan Series Forklift provides the strength and maneuverability you need to maximize productivity. This cushion tire forklift features a durable, high-visibility mast, along with advanced ergonomics that provide the operator with optimal comfort and control.

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18,000 - 22,000 lb

Lift Capacity



80 In


24 - 36 IN

Load Center

  • Compact design of the Titan Series provides ample capacity without sacrificing space
  • Advanced ergonomics and safety features for maximum comfort and protection
  • 100% welded steel chassis and hook-on counterweight provide strength and durability while distributing weight evenly throughout the forklift.
  • Easy access to all integral components through easy-lift hoods, panels and doors to minimize downtime
  • Electronic engine diagnostics with fault code history
  • Built-in engine protection system
  • Two-stage heavy-duty air cleaner with electronic restriction indicator
  • Heavy-duty isolated anti-vibration bolt-in drive line mounts
  • Inboard muffler with optional purifier
  • 100-amp alternator with built-in regulator (amps vary with capacity)
  • Dana 12,000 three-speed automatic powershift transmission
  • Automatic transmission prevents shifting until travel speed is less than 1mph
  • 12-plate modulation for smooth shifting and added durability
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system with variable pumps adjust oil flow accordingly to provide quicker lifting cycles while also reducing fuel consumption
  • Integral safety function prevents engine stalling when hydraulic system is dead-heading
  • O-ring face seal fittings on entire system prevent oil leaks
  • Tilt-lock valve with counterbalance to prevent mast drift
  • Large clean-out covers on top for easy access and convenient drain plug on bottom
  • Filters are easily accessible for quick replacement
  • Hydraulic multi-gauge provides quick and easy pressure readings with a twist of the dial; eliminates the need to tap into hydraulic lines
  • Standard 12-volt electrical system
  • Color-coded electrical wires enclosed with split-tubing wire loom wrap using sealed weather pack connectors
  • Electrical system controls LED headlights, tail lights, turn signals, backup lights, marker lights, brake lights and LED amber strobe light; lights are completely sealed and last approximately 10,000 hours
Operator Cab
  • Meets ANSI B56.1 FOPS operator protection
  • Overhead guard provides safety without obstructing views
  • Low, non-skid steps for safe and easy entry/exit
  • Soft-touch hydraulic levers require minimum effort
  • Tilt-steering column with directional/gear-shift lever
  • Dual brake pedal and inching control
  • Spring-apply/hydraulic-release parking brake
  • Gauges and auxiliary controls on front console for easy viewing and access
  • Emergency stop button
  • Adjustable semi-suspension seat and retractable seat belts
  • Integral clipboard and beverage holder
Mast & Carriage
  • Pin-mount, machine-contoured forks (high or low position)
  • Main and side thrust rollers are impact-resistant and designed to reduce friction; rollers are properly lubricated and sealed
  • Greaseable mast pivots constructed with wear-resistant bronze bushings and hardened steel pins
  • Safety valves built into base of lift cylinders for controlled lowering in the event of a hose failure
  • Chrome-plated rods on cylinders for easy seal replacement
Ease of Service
  • Easy-lift hoods, panels and doors
  • Innovative hydraulic multi-gauge
  • Domestic components

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