Up to 5,500 lb. Capacity

The Flexi HiMAX forklift is the solution to your high-lifting challenges. With a lift height up to 42 feet, you have the reach you need.

Stability isn't an issue thanks to the heavy duty fixed mast. Mast sections are fixed in a double deck front frame to give you maximum load stability. Plus, the high quality tilting carriage is designed to eliminate mast deflection at high lift heights. Without a doubt, the Flexi HiMAX gives you the power to store higher for less.

Choose between a 53.25-inch chassis or the more compact 49.25-inch chassis for optimal performance in your aisles. The heavy duty articulating design gives you 220 degrees of rotation to position and place your load. 

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UP TO 5,500 LB

Lift Capacity

UP TO 504 IN

Lift Height


Over Rotation

49.25 - 53.25 IN

Chassis Width

84 IN

Minimum Aisle Width

  • Heavy duty articulation unit developed to allow precision stacking up to 42 feet
  • True Radius chassis option allows higher lifts and heavier loads without the need for extended wheel arches
  • Telescopic double deep fork attachment option gives you extended reach for true bulk storage operations
  • Integral side shifting & tilt forks for full forward and backward tilt at full lift height with minimum mast deflection
  • Triplex free lift fixed mast for safe forward pallet pick up and set down
  • High definition LCD operator vision system option allows operators to stack up to 42 feet safely and productively
  • Optional fully adjustable high-back seat with arm rests to reduce fatigue
  • Roll off battery compartment for quick and easy change out
Standard Features
  • Triplex fixed mast
  • Side shifting & tilting forks
  • Clear vision overhead guard
  • Independent power steering motor
  • Smooth cushion tires
  • Heavy duty articulation unit
Popular Options
  • Telescopic double deep fork attachment
  • Compact chassis
  • High Definition LCD operator vision system
  • Fully adjustable high-back seat with arm rests

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