2,900 lb. Capacity

The Flexi VNA articulating forklift works in aisles as narrow as 72 inches. With a full 2,900 lb. lift capacity and lift heights up to 25 ft, your load handling will never be the same. In fact, your warehouse will never be the same. With the Flexi VNA forklift you can create up to 30% more warehouse capacity.

The ultra-narrow 39-inch wide chassis and 230° articulated rotation combine with true four-wheel stability. The end result? Fast, safe operation, in a tight footprint. Plus AC technology guarantees low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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2,900 lb

Lift Capacity

UP TO 300 IN

Lift Height


Over Rotation

39 IN

Chassis Width

19.5 KW

AC Drive Motor

  • Compact front axle provides maximum clearance in very narrow aisles for fast operation
  • Narrow chassis allows 72" VNA operation without guidance system
  • True Radius chassis with unique smooth sides gives you 90 degree stacking with no outer turning radius
  • High visibility lift mast with twin side mounted free lift cylinders for a clear view
  • Latest AC technology for fast acceleration and safe controlled braking plus integrated fault finding and monitoring
  • Low lift off or roll off battery for quick changes
  • Clear battery access with no components or motors underneath
  • Cushion tires deliver optimum performance and traction
  • Twin post overhead guard combines maximum visibility and protection for the operator
Standard Features
  • Adjustable steering column and operator seat
  • 19.5 KW AC drive motor
  • 33" front axle
  • 39" wide True Radius chassis
  • Damage resistant cushion tires
  • Clear vision mast
  • Hi visibility overhead guard

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