42,000 - 220,000 lb. Capacity

The Combi-SC Straddle Carrier offers a light footprint and high customization giving you complete independence when moving containers and over-sized loads. By combining power and reliability, fantastic fuel efficiency and the ability to operate on poor terrain, the Combi-SC becomes your cost effective solution for lifting containers from ground to trailer.

With the Combi-SC’s ability to stack containers in aisles as narrow as 5″2′ you can make more effective use of your storage space.

The Combi-SC range does what it promises: it is a cost-effective and flexible container handling solution which guarantees quick ROI even for companies with relatively low throughput levels.

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42,000 - 220,000 lb

Lift Capacity

125 HP


285 In

Turning Radius

37,370 - 42,300 lb

Machine Weight


Maximum Travel Speed

  • Make more effective use of your storage space with the Combi-SC’s ability to double stack containers in aisles as narrow as 1.6 meters
  • Straightforward design incorporates standard components which are easy to source to minimize downtime
  • Maximum load stability with an optimum center of gravity, a broad wheelbase and 3-wheel maneuverability.
  • Intuitive user interface so all functions can be carried out from within the cab, reducing the need for operators to work at height
  • Capable of handling 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft containers, reefer, and flat rack containers
  • 360˚ visibility from the driver position for increased safety
Standard Features
  • Low ground pressure when fully loaded
  • Rough terrain & ramp friendly
  • Exceptional 3-wheel maneuverability circle
  • 2-wheel hydrostatic drive
  • 2-wheel steer
  • Capable of travelling fully loaded
  • Front and rear independent sideshift
Popular Options
  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic container spreader
  • 2 speed drive
  • Solas compliant weight measurement system
  • Remote control option

Recommended Industries

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Shipping Container
Shipping Container