Order Pickers

Distribution centers. Warehouses. Food storage. Manufacturing facilities.

Wherever space is limited or there are narrow aisles to navigate, Toyota’s class 2 electric forklifts are the solution.

They’re specially designed to provide better maneuverability and operation in tight quarters, without sacrificing travel speed or lift and lower speeds.

Toyota’s Order Picker’s nimble profile and features make them especially ideal for fulfillment center operators who need to maximize productivity by moving pallets of merchandise to and from shelves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hour after hour, day after day.

And because these electric forklifts have fewer moving parts, they’re less susceptible to wear and tear, easier to maintain and less expensive to operate. And that all adds up to the one advantage you’ll appreciate regardless of your environment: more uptime.

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First off, quality. Toyota lift trucks ranked #1 for the 10th consecutive year for quality, value, and lowest cost of ownership.* Plus, Toyota has been the top selling brand of forklift in the U.S. since 2002.

Second, Toyota thrives on innovation. That results in equipment that’s safer, more productive, and environmentally sensitive. The patented “System of Active Stability” makes Toyota lift trucks the safest lift trucks in the world.

Third, with the new 8-Series, Toyota has improved on the best. Narrow aisle, counter balanced, electric, diesel, pneumatic, cushion. You name it, Toyota makes it. Find the all-new 8-Series at Conger.

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*Peerless Research Group study