Toyota High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase Forklift

80,000 lbs Capacity /

New Toyota Adjustable Wheel Base Forklift For Sale

Horizontally extendable counterweights, hydraulic boom attachments, and an optional remote control make the Toyota High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase forklifts some of the most versatile forklifts in the industry, perfectly suited for rigging and machinery moving industries.

The ingenuity doesn’t stop there. Thanks to quick connect/disconnect hydraulics, our unique Quick-Change Fork System allows you to switch between forks and boom attachment in a matter of minutes with no tools required.  Toyota’s High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase models are designed to not only provide the performance you need but the ability to fine tune it based on the specific needs of your operation.

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Quick Spec Chart
THDA15/25 15,000/25,000 81/3,000 76 112 114/145 141/172
THDA25/35 25,000/35,000 81/3,000 76 112 114/147 140/173
THDA40/60 40,000/60000 81/3,000 98 146 140/185 168.9/213.9
THDA60/80 60,000/80,000 81/3,000 120 168 170.25/222.88 207.63/260.26

* Retracted/Extended


  • STANDARD HYDRAULICALLY-POWERED, MULTI-STAGE TELESCOPING BOOM handles the most unwieldy, awkwardly sized loads with ease
  • COMPACT, NIMBLE DESIGN for superior maneuverability in confined spaces
  • QUICK-CHANGE FORK SYSTEM allows you to switch between forks and boom attachment in a matter of minutes with no tools required
  • HORIZONTALLY-ADJUSTABLE COUNTERWEIGHT extends out at the push of a button to improve the forklift’s maximum lifting capacity
  • DUAL FUEL CAPABLE INDUSTRIAL ENGINES let you use LP and gasoline
  • 2-SPEED HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION with both a high-gear and a low-gear setting to control performance
  • REMOTE CONTROL OPTION to control all forklift functions from an intuitive and easy-to-use handheld device


  • Electrical horn
  • Asbestos-free components
  • Bolt-on overhead guard
  • Operator Restraint System seat
  • Spring-applied/hydraulic release parking brake
  • Orange forks
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)


  • PSI 3.0L 4-cylinder engine (LP/Gas)1
  • PSI 4.3L V6 engine (LP/Gas)2
  • 2-Speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Hydraulic machinery boom & stand3
  • 2-function hydraulic control valve (lift/tilt)
  • Full hydraulic power steering
  • Heavy-duty alternator with built-in regulator
  • Inboard muffler
  • 7” touch-screen multi-function display
    – Fuel gauge
    – Hour meter
    – Speedometer
    – Tachometer
    – Water temperature gauge
    – Estimated capacity calculator
    – Engine oil pressure
    – Parking brake indicator
    – Estimated load weight indicator
    – Service and operator manuals
    – Pre-operation checklist (upon request)4
    – Fuse/relay diagnostics


  • Impact-resistant main and side thrust rollers to reduce friction
  • Greaseable mast pivots constructed with wear-resistant bronze bushings and hardened steel pins
  • Chrome-plated cylinder rods
  • Built-in engine protection system
  • Heavy-duty isolated anti-vibration bolt-in drive line mounts
  • Tilt-lock counterbalance valve to prevent mast drift
  • 12 volt electrical system
  • Heavy duty planetary drive rated for durability in high-capacity applications
  • Double reduction gearing for increased torque
  • Precision ground, heat-treated gears
  • Thick top plate on welded beam steer axle provides added strength
  • Dual-action bolt-on cylinder protected by heavy steel support beams
  • High-impact composite trunnions
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Two-part rust-inhibiting polyurethane base coat and two-part polyurethane top coat for corrosion protection
  • Powder-coated components


  • Left-hand operator/seat position
  • Rubber-mounted cab isolated from the frame to reduce noise and vibration
  • Low-height, non-skid steps
  • Adjustable semi-suspension seat
  • Soft-touch hydraulic levers
  • Tilt steering column
  • Hydraulic weight scale
  • Large dual operator assist grips


  • Quick-Change Fork System for quick connect/disconnect of forks and boom
  • Engine fault code diagnostic capability
  • Externally mounted charge pump and integral filter allow for easy maintenance
  • O-ring face seal fittings
  • Easy-access oil filter and drain
  • Large clean-out covers on top of hydraulic tank and convenient drain plug on the bottom
  • Electric radiator fan with automated reversing feature
  • Hydraulic multi-gauge
  • Wires enclosed in split tube wire loom wrap
  • Sealed weatherpack connectors
  • Easy-access steer axle lubrication points
  • Hinged panels and hoods supported by gas shocks to reach entire drivetrain, hydraulics, and filters

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