3,750 lb. Capacity

Ready to save warehouse space? The Flexi EURO forklift is. This very narrow aisle articulating forklift works in aisles as narrow as 78 inches. You could create up to 30% more warehouse space. 

Designed for users of all popular pallet types - the Flexi EURO forklift is versatile whether your operation requires block stacking or drive-in racking. With lift heights up to 26 feet (362 inches) and a lift capacity of 3,750 lbs. this articulating forklift can handle just about anything your warehouse carries. Need even more versatility? Choose between a triplex full free lift mast and a quad free lift mast.

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3,750 lb

Lift Capacity

UP TO 362 IN

Lift Height


Over Rotation

39 IN

Chassis Width

78 IN

Minimum Aisle Width

  • Detailed steel plate rear panel protects traction battery
  • Narrow 38-inch wide rear chassis allows block stacking and drive-in rack operation
  • High-quality adjustable full suspension seat with lumbar support
  • Front cushion tires provide excellent grip and traction in slippery conditions when fully loaded
  • Low rear lift off or roll off battery for quick changeovers
  • Clear vision mast for improved visibility and operator confidence
  • Overhead guard combines maximum visibility and protection for operator
  • Parcel bay conveniently located behind the operator provides on-hand storage
  • Independent 1.8KW power steering motor for maximum energy savings
Standard Features
  • Clear vision mast
  • High visibility overhead guard
  • Independent 1.8KW power steering motor
  • 39-inch chassis
  • Narrow front axle
  • Integrated side shift fork carriage
  • Parcel bay
Popular Options
  • Triplex or quad mast option

Recommended Industries

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