3,000 lb. - 4,000 lb. Capacity

Narrow aisles, no problem. Tight trailers, taken care of. The Toyota Stand-Up Electric forklift was built to fit in and stand out — nestling into aisles as narrow as 10 feet. Think dock to stock. Multitasking. All-around indoor versatility. Think reliability and durability. This stand-up electric forklift with the zero emission AC power will work as hard and long as you do.

Start with a spacious, well-thought-out operator compartment that’s larger and more open than the competitors’. Add an intuitive multi-function control handle — a Toyota exclusive — to single-handedly control forward/reverse travel, lift/lower, tilt and up to two auxiliary functions. Round things out with an angled, shock-dampened, floating operator floor to reduce vibration and fatigue, plus well-positioned lean points.

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3,000 - 4,000 lb

Lift Capacity

36 V


56.1 - 60.8 In

Turning Radius

6,625 - 6,865 lb

Machine Weight

7.5 MPH

Maximum Travel Speed

  • AC drive and lift motors provide responsive control
  • Exceptional visibility through two-post overhead guard, overhead canopy with angled bars and wide-view
  • Low 8” step height eases frequent entry and exit during shit for reduced fatigue
  • Side stance positions operator for easier, more intuitive forward or reverse travel
  • Best-in-class maneuverability compared to sit-downs of equal capacity, plus the ability to fit into tighter spaces for greater narrow aisle capability
  • Exclusive sing-axis multi-function control handle intuitively control forward/reverse travel and lift/lower functionality while reducing risk of inadvertent truck movement during hydraulic operation
  • Reduced vibration and operator fatigue thanks to five suspension bushings and a bubble-cushioned floor mat
  • Cornering speed control automatically slows concerning truck’s travel speed after adjustable delay (system enabled through on-board programming)
  • Spacious operator compartment is larger than competitors’, allowing operator more comfort and flexibility of movement
  • Shock-dampened, isolated operator compartment floor
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Flexible side stance operator compartment
  • 7/8”-thick bubble-cushioned floor mat
  • Ergonomically sloped floorboard
  • Cushioned padded backrest & armrest
  • Low-effort brake pedal
  • Low step height
  • Integrated clipboard, amenity tray & cup holder
  • 36-Volt electrical system
  • AC induction drive motor
  • AC transistor control system with MOSFET
  • AC induction lift motor
  • Independent lift, steer & auxiliary motors
  • Dual rubber steer tires (8BNCU15 only)
  • Dual polyurethane steer tires (8BNCU18-20 only)
  • Low durometer smooth rubber drive tires
  • Programmable performance parameters
  • Multifunction digital display
  • Power hookup for onboard terminal (10amp)
  • UL-approved model type “E”
  • Mast tilt (3° forward/5° backward)
Ease of Service
  • One-piece top cover
  • Self-diagnostics (with instructional messages)
  • Built-in analyzer
  • Fault code memory
  • Programmable maintenance indicator
  • Battery compartment rollers (corrosion resistant)
  • Battery retaining gates
  • Vertically mounted motors
  • Anti-static ground strap
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Flashware enabled software
  • SB 350 battery connector (gray)
  • No directional contactors
  • Multifunction hour meter
  • Battery discharge indicator (with lift interrupt)
  • Maintenance indicator
  • Temperature indicator
  • Multifunction control handle (single-axis, simultaneous function)
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Auto-off system
  • Cornering speed control
  • Ventilated tractor compartment
  • Auto position hold (drive motor/brake hold)
  • Anti-stall protection
  • Two-post overhead guard
  • High-visibility mast & overhead guard
  • Dual electric disc brakes (self-adjusting)
  • Regenerative braking
  • Proportional plugging
  • 48” load backrest extension
  • Hydraulic mast cushioning

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